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In-Store Kiosk Redesign

Recently I went to my weekly visit to my local Barnes & Noble store where I usually spend an hour or two after work looking for new books, reading magazines or just spending some time to decompress before Fútbol practice.


I was looking for a book in particular so I asked an employee who pointed out the area where I might find it. After looking there. I decided to search on the in-store kiosk.

What happened after setting of a number of alarms, raised flags and kept me up that evening until I decided to tackle this Design Challenge.

After a quick audit of their digital products and made a small Brand Style Guide for this exercise.

My goal was to use design chops, retail category, and customer experience trends to provide Barnes & Noble with a quick and affordable solution that will provide value and give customers a pleasant search experience.


  • Leverage current state of Brand assets and Style references

  • Replace with small touchscreen devices (Nook) mounted on stands as an affordable entry to touch devices.

  • User Experience Design Update

Barnes and Noble Redesigned kiosk

Products are listed with larger cover images, because most books are judged by their covers.

They are also placed in a horizontal grid aiding large touch screens for scaling to larger viewports beyond a Nook.

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