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Ongoing in-house, hands on support

Ring started as a client in my last role as ECD at Five by Five and then turned into an ongoing creative leadership role, with a hands-on approach. Below is a top line summary of my work plan.


Reducing Crime
in Neighborhoods


Creative Direction


UX Design

UI Design

Art Direction


Brand & Product
  1. Support & Oversight Of Brand Ecosystem and Channels of Communication

  2. Ownership of eCom & Digital Media

  3. Marketing & Product Creative Lead across strategic Roadmap, initiatives, production & tactical executions across marketing channels

  4. Creative Strategy, Direction & Design

  5. Owner of Brand and Accountable for consistent creation, implementation and support of:

    • Design System, Patterns & Library

    • Copy, Tone, Voice, Language

    • Photography, Video, and Imagery

    • Concept, Content & Communications

  6. The launch of the Following products:

    • Repositioning of the Ring Brand and Design System

    • Ring Alarm

    • Ring TV

    • Ring StickUp Cam

    • Ring Support Portal

    • Ring Neighbors App

    • Ring Customer Administration Portal

    • Ring Protect

    • Ring UAE, Ring UK, Ring Germany Localized Programs

  1. Process & Workflow

    • Brief & Project Request Process

    • Production Workflow: Project Management, Team Assignment, Prioritization: Team Project Request, Assign, Review, Approval

    • Reviews: Peer, Stakeholders

    • Quality Assurance

    • User Acceptance Testing

    • Deliverables

  2. Organization

    • Skillset, Cross Team Functions, Collaboration, Dependencies

    • Communication 

    • Team Structure

  3. Creative Development

    • Coaching, Mentoring

    • Skills & Training

    • Design / Cross-Functional

    • Standards & Evaluation

    • Design System Implementation

    • Hard Skill Development

Updated Positioning
See Old Positioning

Ring is a Product Innovation Company who wants to reduce crime and make neighborhoods around the world safe.


Heading 1


Ring's mission is to reduce crime in neighborhoods and empower consumers by creating a Ring of Security around homes and communities with its suite of smart home security products: Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Stick Up Cam and the new Ring Floodlight Cam.

With these security devices, Ring has created the neighborhood watch for the digital age and continues to keep homes around the world safe.

With Ring, you're always home.

Atomic Design System

Environment and Design System increases efficiency, on-boarding and consistency.


Identity and Iconography of Ring + Amazon Acquisition and Neighbors App

Shine a light on crime.jpg

Marketing, Creative & Design Support
(Spotlight Cam Content posted across digital ads and social feeds)


Social Ads that helped neighbors understand how to use Ring Products.

Other deliverables include a flexible, and scalable Atomic Design System & Brand Style Guide. Delivered the Workflow + Environments (Sketch, Zeplin, Abstract, PaintCode), Implementation and Team Development.

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