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Bring to life the Pruis Story, tailored to each Customer's Life Stage.

Creative Director

There's a Prius for Everyone.

Toyota debuted the Prius Family .with in a unique two story space at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.


The space encourages exploration and exposure to the Prius Family through simple discovery and a unique, fun engagements that needed to communicate that there is a Prius for everyone

The gamified experience consisted of 3 mechanisms that allowed Toyota to match a Prius with each customer’s current lifestyle and life stage needs.

iPad stands sprinkled around the space at ground level attracted people to the two-story exhibit. Teaser films played looped eye-catching visual call to actions to explore the game.

The physical space was created with the digital interactions in mind.

A maze was created in odd angles, certain paths led to stairs...all designed to have people look in a particular direction, where Prius messaging awaited, or make a choice via touch.

Each interaction and game mechanic was tracked and prompted people one step closer to being matched with a Prius.
Case Study Videos
Multi-Touch Content Experience

Another engagement was the Toyota iWall: A large-scale multi-touch screen interaction consisting of three side-by-side, 82” multi-touch LCD screens.

The iWall was the largest digital multi-touch installation ever seen at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It allows people to explore videos, photos and custom content through a larger-than-life, interactive surface

Touch Wall

Thanks to the Toyota, Juxt & GPJ Teams

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