ROLE: Creative Direction, UX Design, UI Design, Art Direction

Some deliverables include a flexible, and scalable Atomic Design System & Brand Style Guide. Delivered the Workflow + Environments (Sketch, Zeplin, Abstract, PaintCode), Implementation and Team Development. There's tons of unpublished material - I'm happy to sit and showcase it in person.

Environment and Design System increases efficiency, on-boarding and consistency.

Environment and Design System increases efficiency, on-boarding and consistency.

Identity and Iconography of Ring + Amazon Acquisition and Neighbors App

Marketing, Creative & Design Support
(Spotlight Cam Content posted across digital ads and social feeds)

Social Ads that helped neighbors understand how to use Ring Products.


Canadian Tire

ROLE: Creative Direction, UX Design, Art Direction

Branded content platform called, “The Canadian Way”, showcasing real Canadians using real products. Each piece of content was custom designed based on the context. For both Spring and Summer I managed a team who delivered over ~235 unique layouts along with their accompanied social media posts (not counted). Below are some of my layouts.



People Inspired Brand Stories 


ROLE: Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Art Direction

Website, Print, and Social for Roc Nation, Fenty & Rihanna 


McDonald's Frap Tap

ROLE: Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Illustration

Mobile Experience that launched the Iced Frappé in Canada where 2 people received Iced Frappé offers on their phone simply by tapping them both together. This small project was headed by myself a copywriter and a junior designer/animator.

2014 Silver: Brand New! - Shopper Innovation Award
2014 Silver: Original Idea - Shopper Innovation Award
2014 Silver: Tech Breakthrough - Shopper Innovation Award



ROLE: Creative Direction, Illustration

After completing the Activision Ambassador's Program, one of my Activision clients joined the Oculus VR team, in her new role, she trusted me with the Badge Program for the Oculus Platform.



Assassin's Creed

ROLE: Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Illustration

After working on 4 titles/IP's and 4 other programs for Ubisoft they trusted me with the design and delivery of the Assassin's Creed Reward Program with no point of reference but the equity the franchise's dna.


Lopez Negrete Communications

ROLE: Art Direction, Illustration

López Negrete Communications is an independent, full-service agency specializing in Hispanic marketing, and one of my old stoping grounds, who was looking for a new way to showcase their brand. For the stationery, the objective was to create something memorable and fun.

The concept was to design an identity that could function as a conversation starter, where each piece could have a personal touch.


IBM Interactive Experiences Branding

ROLE: Creative Direction, Creative Strategy + Art Direction

IBM iX is a global business design partner and consultancy that works at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology to help clients digitally reinvent their businesses.


Clearchannel Dunk Tank

ROLE: Creative Direction, Creative Strategy + Art Direction

Clear Channel needed to gain the eyes and ears of potential customers during the launch of their new digital outdoor product Spectacolor. 

The first of its kind billboard located in the heart of Times Square in NYC. Touted as the most immersive interactive billboard ever, it featured a live camera feed along with an updated digital media display capabilities. The idea was to showcase a products' full capabilities in a creative way.

The idea was to create a live engagement between people around Times Square and the billboard. The team devised a plan to create the first digital Dunk Tank.

The game was simple. The billboard showcased 2 candidates to be dunked, Painted Lady (international reality TV star Sabina Kelley) or the Strong Man (Hollywood stuntman Robert Miller). People voted via a live Twitter feed displayed on the billboard.