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Business Transformation from the Outside-In.


Creative Direction

Product Concepting

UX Strategy Design

When Activision releases a new title, customer support teams are slammed around the clock. A range of unsatisfactory user experiences and inconclusive outcomes had begun to impact on goodwill and further intensified the support task.

Activision charged the team with a few simple tasks: “redesign our Contact Us form, take a look at our Community Sites, the Support Chat and see if there’s anything you can recommend.

The initial assessment of the customer experience proved that Activision had bigger issues than a simple facelift could fix.
What went back to Activision was more than a design solution - an actionable POV on what a Customer Support Experience should feel like

The project’s initial scope turned into a 2 year long Business Transformation Program with multiple iterations, scopes of work and focused strategies.

This project as a whole covered a re-architecture of the multiple community sites, and the design and rebuild of the entire Digital and Social Support Platform.

This Transformation impacted 4 key areas:

Dramatically Reduce cost of Customer Service Operations.

Customer Retention

Increase Consumer Engagement via a self-help offering.

Brand (Re)Building

Achieve a positive lift in Customer Satisfaction Ratings.


Deploy a Hyper-targeted Marketing Program aimed at communicating this new Product and Recruiting Customers to support it

With the aggressive Service & Financial Goals in place the first task was to conduct a massive business, technical, and market audit. 
The insights gained here uncovered how the complexity of games and increasingly diverse range of platforms have made it harder than ever to resolve players' issues.

CRM, requirements and other business data leveraged across multiple Activision teams and stakeholders was used to to create a useable profiling system.

By creating support enhancements and additions to the current service offerings being provided to each segment,  new products for the platform were created such as Ambassador Chat, unified Community, plus additional features like social integrations, and new Gamification triggers.

Retention Goal

Multi-Chat Solution Between Ambassadors

Brand Lift

A dynamic profiling system where gamers could find custom tailored solutions to their profile and problem and were encouraged to self-help and even provide peer to peer support.


The system needed to solve for multiple tiers of customers and include solutions that included products, software and even teams like the Call-In Centers.


Another important aspect was to provide a design solution that accounted for the multiple IPs, franchises. This structure needed to be flexible, elegant and a unify the experience.


A custom solution was designed and built to recruit within the community, train Abassadors online, and provide tools across devices to chat and support gamers to earn digital rewards and swag.


Power users would be selected from the community and trained up within our chat system to take questions and answer for special digital rewards and swag.


Reported Their Experience As Positive

All this dramatically reduced the cost of customer support, met peak periods of demand more efficiently and increased customer satisfaction.

We Saved A Ton Of Money. It’s Been Too Successful.”
Sam Wood

Digital and Social Support

Marketing Technology

Information Technology

Thanks to the Activision and FbF Los Angeles Team

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