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Kelley Blue Book’s brand perception rivals that of other top brands in the United States, such as Coca-Cola, Disney, and Nike.


Further, independent studies have validated that consumers use words like “credibility”, “integrity”, “accuracy” and “reliability” to describe the Blue Book brand.


These attributes are even more valuable since so few automotive brands are described in such terms.​​​​

A great relationship yielded a vast amount of work for the Trusted Resource Company.


Create Ad Products that give OEMs a chance to talk specifically to their current owners & buyers.
1. Site Audit

You don't know all the things you have in your home until you're ready to move and start packing. had a total of over 650 different pages with less than a dozen templates across both desktop and mobile experiences.

New Car Path
  • Speak to owners as a sub-audience using distinct brand messaging.

  • Lean heavily on current rebates and incentives, especially owner loyalty cash (when relevant).

2. Audience Segmentation: Owners

Create Ad Products that gives OEMs a chance to talk specifically to their current owners.

Branded Car Finder
Branded Car Finder

Ad Product Add-on

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Category Topic Page Wider RCM
Category Topic Page Wider RCM

Found location for new Ad Unit Placement

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True Cost of Ownership
True Cost of Ownership

Provided Contextual Messaging

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In our study, Owners appreciated more persuasive,  direct, actionable messages targeted to their mindset.


Develop a dynamic experience that allows KBB to offer a different experience to first time and returning visitors as well as display content based on context such as visitation, geography, and browsing habits.
  • Optimized messaging with A/B tests using different incentives & offers.

  • Optimized CTAs to reflect that owners may not quite be ready to Build and Price or Submit a Lead.

3. Product Development: Auto Category

A substantial amount of traffic comes to Auto Category pages from the homepage.


The current Category Page does not leverage its revenue-generating potential to the max


New Car Upsell
New Car Upsell

Compare Your Current Vehicle against Contextual and Product Suggestions

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​​​Other Areas of Focus:
  • Responsive Framework ReDesign
  • Mobile Classifieds
  • Homepage Refresh
  • Valuations
  • New Car Strategy
  • OEM Landing Page​
  • Media Campaign Support – Fair Purchase Price 

Thanks to the talented KBB Team

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