Digital engagement catches crowds' attention in Times Square.

Creative Direction


Clear Channel needed to gain the eyes and ears of potential customers during the launch of their new digital outdoor product Spectacolor. The first of its kind billboard located in the heart of Times Square in NYC. Touted as the most immersive interactive billboard ever, it featured a live camera feed along with an updated digital media display capabilities.

The challenge was to showcase all of the products’ features.


“Customers were using the product to playback videos and were missing out on the possibilities.”


The idea was to create a live engagement between people around Times Square and the billboard. The team devised a plan to create the first digital Dunk Tank.


The game was simple. The billboard showcased 2 candidates to be dunked, Painted Lady (international reality TV star Sabina Kelley) or the Strong Man (Hollywood stuntman Robert Miller). People voted via a live Twitter feed displayed on the billboard.


Once the live votes were tallied a winner was selected and the crowd had the opportunity to pass an Augmented Reality Beach ball around with the objective of hitting a target and dunking either the Painted Lady or the Strongman.


A live camera showed the crow


Live gameplay was extended to participants’ social graph by allowing them to nominate themselves or someone for an audition and a shot at being dunked live by Times Square visitors.