Some Ideas to Build
on a Rich Brand Ecosystem.

2018 has been a rough year for the airline industry. 

Early this year, Spirit Airlines notoriously forbade a student to bring an emotional support hamster on a flight, and in March, United Airlines forced a passenger to put her dog in an overhead compartment. And it’s not just pet-related problems that plague air travel—ticket costs continue to rise and delays are more common than ever.


How can we grow the business by elevating the customer experience, improving brand sentiment and engaging people?


Dropped 2.7%
Year over year

American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) 2018 Travel Report.

I’ve spent some time auditing all major, minor and charter airline brands, and evaluated them against design and usability criteria including: content, branding, messaging, offers, information architecture, interaction design and visual design.

Unless your airline takes measures to improve the brand experience, other airlines and third-party sites like Kayak and Expedia will continue to eat into your profits.


Reposition your brand as a stand out in the marketplace.
How do we prep
for this challenge?

Having someone with the vision and experience that can hone in on customer insights and translate them into content and marketing strategies that connect is invaluable in your commoditized marketplace.

The Creative Strategy

Great companies are built on strong brands that influence customer choice and build loyalty. A strong brand is a competitive asset — one that can improve market position and contribute to company profitability.

Web & Channel

Our brand is a constellation of experiences perceived in the heart and mind of the customer. Every time a customer engages with our company, these experiences grow.


Our brand is a promise we make to our customers — a promise we strive to fulfill at every point of customer interaction.

Let's start with a few ideas...

A Homepage that Inspires

Airlines are already taking great strides to improve people’s experience with their brand. Here's some ideas we can develop together.

Not final Design

Utility: Search

People need to be able to search, fleixible enough to fit their specific needs.

Presentation: Scannability
Discovery: What's Our Story?

Studies have shown that people scan a site top to bottom before making a decision.

Encourage exploration with visuals, video and imagery. Our brand lives in paradise, showcase that.

An Innovative and Useful Brand Experience
will Directly and Positively Impact Your Bottom Line. 

Faced with a delightful user experience, brand value grows exponentially in the mind of the customer. Increased brand value equates to greater brand loyalty,leading to increased repeat and referral business.


It’s easy to know where the user is located. Why not offer them intelligent options that save them time and needless steps?


Deals happen. Let’s offer the best possible prices in real-time.


People arrive with a particular intention. Along the way let’s encourage exploration by suggesting relevant options they may not have considered.

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Amplify: Make it Social

Enhance sentiment with social components, thereby driving loyalty, and referral business.

Expand: Partner Up

Hotels are key to almost any journey where flight is required. Let’s embrace the hotel industry and offer a more cohesive booking experience.

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Trust: Offer Content

Some channels should evolve into trusted advisors, incorporating all sorts of information related to people's trip.

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What Do You Think?

This has been a pro-active exercise rooted in a passion for improved human experiences with brands and products.


Let’s work together, take the lead, and chart a course. The time is now, and savvy travelers are not prone to waiting. Let’s collaborate and build the future of Mokulele Airlines...I'm ready to fly.


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