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Ongoing in-house, hands on support

Ring started as a client in my last role as ECD at Five by Five and then turned into an ongoing creative leadership role. Below is a top line summary of my work plan. (Creative, Videos, and Design to follow)


Reducing Crime
in Neighborhoods


Creative Direction


UX Design

UI Design

Art Direction

Brand & Product
  1. Support & Oversight Of Brand Ecosystem and Channels of Communication

  2. Ownership of eCom & Digital Media

  3. Marketing & Product Creative Lead across strategic Roadmap, initiatives, production & tactical executions across marketing channels

  4. Creative Strategy, Direction & Design

  5. Owner of Brand and Accountable for consistent creation, implementation and support of:

  • Design System, Patterns & Library

  • Copy, Tone, Voice, Language

  • Photography, Video and Imagery

  • Concept, Content & Communications

  1. Process & Workflow

    • Brief & Project Request Process

    • Production Workflow: Project Management, Team Assignment, Prioritization: Team Project Request, Assign, Review, Approval

    • Reviews: Peer, Stakeholders

    • Quality Assurance

    • User Acceptance Testing

    • Deliverables

  2. Organization

    • Skillset, Cross Team Functions, Collaboration, Dependencies

    • Communication 

    • Team Structure

  3. Creative Development

    • Coaching, Mentoring

    • Skills & Training

    • Design / Cross-Functional

    • Standards & Evaluation

    • Design System Implementation

    • Hard Skill Development


Environment and Design System increases efficiency, on-boarding and consistency.


Identity and Iconography of Ring + Amazon Acquisition and Neighbors App

Shine a light on crime.jpg

Marketing, Creative & Design Support
(Spotlight Cam Content posted across digital ads and social feeds)

Social Ads that helped neighbors understand how to use Ring Products.

Other deliverables include a flexible, and scalable Atomic Design System & Brand Style Guide. Delivered the Workflow + Environments (Sketch, Zeplin, Abstract, PaintCode), Implementation and Team Development.

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