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Kids Bringing Trading Cards to Life.

Creative Director

Art Direction \ Design

User Experience Design

Production Design

Another Launch for the Leader of the Toys-to-Life Category

Skylanders IP is an award-winning, $3 billion franchise that has sold more than 250 million toys since pioneering the toys-to-life category in 2011.

By 2020, it is predicted that the mobile game industry will pass $100 billion in revenues.

With the explosive growth in the mobile sector, Activision took another ambitious step into the mobile space with an all-new title, Skylanders Battlecast.


Activision’s Challenge was Threefold: 

Generate Buzz and Gain Awareness


Educate their customers on the new game mechanics – which involved both physical retail card purchase and the free-to-play mobile application 


Players needed to download the App. The UX needed to educate and convert.

A thumb friendly “Wonder Wheel” outfitted with mobile device physics and gravity for fluid dynamics, transitions and animations allowed people to go through each individual character or as many characters as they want, quickly.

"You need to design an easy-to-navigate way of displaying a large number of playable characters without losing the “fun factor.”

Gina Hope, Senior Marketing Technology, Director Activision

Protecting your cards is a critical element in the game strategy. Animation sequences were used to convey this message




Regions Globally


Missed Deadlines

Thanks to Activision and the FbF Los Angeles Team

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