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Create and Promote a New Beer Brand, but don't let people know about it.


Creative Direction



2007 Cannes Lions: Promo Lion, Best New Product Launch.

2007 CLIO Short List: ‘The One”. 

Instead of a beer, we created a movement that promoted self-expression and didn’t look, sound nor feel like advertising.
The One is not a number. The One is not a specific person but a group of them, and not just a group.
It’s a way of life, a movement, a society, a community, a living philosophy. It’s being yourself and harnessing the power that comes from it.
It’s a virus, not a deadly one but one that is full of life. It’s the act of self-expression and the reward of doing it.
The One is a secret society that operates from the underground.
The One is a group of people that fight not for rebellion but for their right of speaking their thoughts and expressing their feelings.
The One is inside all of us.
Posts on blogs, Twitter, cryptic messages, videos, stunts all  contributed to the campaign reaching mass media without a single cent spent in media.

An massive amount of urls led to different iterations of the site where people needed to explore content as they tried to understand what this movement was all about.

A Landing Page for Every Theory on "what is the One"

Thanks to the BBDO teams

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