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The Digital Transformation of a Personalized Apparel Brand.

Nod Bod

Whimsy Rose

Whimsy Rose is an apparel brand that provides a unique consumer experience for shoppers to customize their favorite style with their favorite prints to produce a personalized garment on demand.

Whimsy Rose brought only a logo, and a unique challenge: reimagine the personalized shopping experience.


A combination of Google Analytics, market data and technical requirements were used to determine the most effective way to tell the Whimsy Rose story.

User experience research, card sorting, and an exhaustive market audit, provided deep insights on how to personalize the user’s experience based on their needs and buying patterns.

A modular design system was designed to leverage full-size product and attention-grabbing lifestyle imagery and video.

While the iterative building process used yielded numerous prototypes.

Every aspect of the project was designed around sales conversion.

Convention over configuration

To create future flexibility, leverage deep site functionality and combine storytelling and e-commerce in a single user friendly CMS system, a unanimous decision was made to migrate the existing commerce platform away from the Magento platform toward Shopify as a starting point. (Even though it didn’t support some of the unique features and functional requirements.)


WordPress was set up as a content-as- a-service (CaaS) which provided management tools for must have features such as store locator data, and product customization.

The  customization engine built serves over 30,000 variable combinations available to any customer both online and in-store. This engine was developed into a tool that required simplicity of navigation, while providing a fun user experience as the consumer designed their personalized garment(s).


Whimsy Rose’s  “‘customize your garment” feature, helps shoppers choose from limited-edition front and back prints, on a garment of their choice.


An established brand in a crowded and competitive landscape had the bravery and foresight to rebrand itself with a completely new identity, look and feel.


Increase Revenue YoY
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